Sunday, 11 June 2017

The Singharas ( Samosas) of Calcutta ( Kolkata)

Shingaras of Kolkata

Calcutta (now renamed Kolkata) is famous for many things. 

Sweets, festivals culture, theater movies and many more….

This author in his childhood had the privilege of roaming the streets and looking for sights and smells which is both enchanting and peculiar to Calcutta…

The Shingaras 
Evening time, snacks time or simply tiffin time

One of the common options is Shingaras. (Samosa in other parts of India)

Shingaras are popular delicious snacks. They are found almost everywhere. 

Shingaras – the main filling is mashed boiled potato, along with the addition of other ingredients. 

These potato mashes are stuffed in dough made of flour and deep fried in oil and served hot along with chutney or its variants.

Sweeter (stuffing - Khoya / coconut) and non vegetarian options (stuffing -  mutton / fish) also available.

The Samosas (Shingaras as they are  known in rest of India) are equally popular and are a great choice for many …whether a birthday celebration or a party…or simply as a filler for snacks..

Have a Great Samosa!