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What is GATE?

What is GATE?

What is GATE?

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering

GATE is Computer Based Test

GATE Tests for Engineering and Science Subjects Proficiency and Understanding

Who conducts GATE?

GATE is Conducted By Indian Institute of Science and 7 IITs - For National Co ordination Board – GATE - Department of Higher Education- HRD Ministry

Who uses GATE Score?
Where to use GATE Scores?
Usefulness of GATE cores

GATE Score is evaluated for admission to post graduate education programs

GATE score is used for recruitment purposes in public sector undertaking for entry level engineering jobs.

Validity period of GATE Scores?
Validity – Scores are valid for a period of 3 years 

When is GATE Conducted?
GATE is conducted once a year (usually in the month of February)
Who can appear for GATE?

The following are eligible for GATE:

 Engineering or architecture  -

Final year students  or 

Graduates of Bachelor's degree 

(or equivalent)

 Master's degree (or equivalent) in, 

computer applications or science

1.       Aerospace Engineering - AE      
2.       Instrumentation Engineering  - IN
3.       Agricultural Engineering                - AG     
4.       Mathematics - MA
5.       Architecture and Planning - AR 
6.       Mechanical Engineering                - ME
7.       Biotechnology - BT         
8.       Mining Engineering - MN
9.       Civil Engineering  - CE    
10.   Metallurgical Engineering - MT
11.   Chemical Engineering     - CH       
12.   Petroleum Engineering - PE
13.   Computer Science and Information Technology - CS       
14.   Physics -PH
15.   Chemistry - CY  
16.   Production and Industrial Engineering - PI
17.   Electronics and Communication Engineering - EC              
18.   Textile Engineering and Fiber Science - TF
19.   Electrical Engineering - EE            
20.   Engineering Sciences - XE
21.   Ecology and Evolution -EY            
22.   Life Sciences  XL
23.   Geology and Geophysics  - GG

GATE Test Duration – 3 Hours

GATE Total Marks - 100

GATE  - The question paper consists of
Multiple-choice type questions
Numerical answer type questions

Gate International

GATE examinations is also conducted in Nepal, Singapore, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and United Arab Emirates.

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