Thursday, 7 December 2017

Jobs and Careers in Marketing

Infographics Jobs and Careers in Marketing

One of the major disciplines of management is marketing which is effectively employed by organizations to promote their product and services.

Marketing involves creating, promoting, delivery and exchange of goods and services.

Students of marketing study why people prefer certain products and services over others.
Advertising, Branding, Market Planning and Market Research are some of the activities involved in Marketing.

Marketing Management Students study Business Communication, Consumer behaviour, Customer Service, Product management and Relationship Management.

With the development of Internet and Digital Technologies new areas of social media marketing and digital marketing have emerged with immense scope and career opportunities.

Most of the Business Schools offers courses in Marketing Management. A post graduate qualification in Marketing Management adds to career opportunities.

Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) offers excellent programs in Marketing management which are much sought after both by students and corporate organizations.

Career Opportunities
Marketing Management Professionals are employed in Sectors like fast moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Banking Financial and Insurance companies,(BFSI) etc.

They are also employed by Consulting, Advertising and Research companies.