Friday, 23 February 2018

Who is the Minister of Defence (October, 2017)
Ms. Nirmala Sitaraman
Where is National Defence Academy (NDA) located
The Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) is located at?
What is ITBP stand for?
Indo Tibetan Border Police
When was ITBP Established
What does ITBP do?
Border patrolling and security
What is NSG?
NSG - National Security Guards
When was NSG Established
What does NSG do?
Combating Terrorist Activities
What does CISF Do?
CISF – Central Industrial Security Force
When was CISF established
Established 1968
What does CISF do?
Security for Industrial Complexes and Government Establishment
What does BSF Stand For ?
BSF - Border Security Force
When was BSF Established?
Established 1965
What Does BSF Do?
Secures International Borders
What Does CRPF Stand For?
CRPF – Central Reserve Police Force
When was CRPF Established?
Established -1939
What Does CRPF Do?
Assists states and UTs in Law and Order Maintenance
What is NCC
NCC - National Cadet Corps
When was NCC Established
Developing and grooming the students with discipline.
What is IB
Intelligence Bureau
When was IB Established                                                               
What does IB do?
Responsible for Information and Intelligence gathering related to country security.
What does CBI stand for
Central Bureau of Investigation
When was CBI Established
What does CBI do?
Investigation of Crimes and Domestic Security Agency
What does NIA Stand for?
NIA – National Investigative Agency
When was NIA Established
What does NIA do?
Central Agency to Combat Terror
What does CVC stand for?
CVC -  Central Vigilance Commission
When was CVC Established
What does CVC do?
To combat government Corruption.
What does DRDO stand for?
DRDO – Defence Research and Development Organization
When was DRDO Established 1958
What does DRDO do?
Military Research and Development
What is Prithvi ?
Surface to surface missile -350 km range
What is Agni ?
IRBM Missile –range upto 3500 km .Agni V is the latest version -5000-6000km
What is Akash?
Medium range – Surface to Air Missile
What is Trishul ?– Surface to Air Short range Missile
What is Nag?
Anti Tank Missile
What is Brahmos?
Cruise Missiles.
Who developed Brahmos?
Jointly developed India and Russia
      What is Shaurya

Surface to Surface Missile
What is Sagarika
Is a nuclear-capable submarine-launched ballistic missile
What is MBT Arjun
Main Battle tank
What is Lakshya ?
Pilotless Target Aircraft
What is Nishant ?
Remotely Piloted Vehicle
What is Tejas
Light Combat Aircraft
What is Prahaar?
Surface to Surface Ballistic missile