Thursday, 9 August 2018

17 Tips - Best Way to Become a Project Manager

Best Project Management Skills

Getting a promotion as Project Manager

You are working as a professional and now eyeing the next level managerial position.

What is the best way to become a Project Manager?

You would have noticed that some members of your team   are invited and included in meetings where others are not invited or included, the management shares secrets and confidential information, are assigned  task  and consulted frequently and asked for input on major decisions and strategies and  given more responsibility.

What are those skills which these professionals have and others do not.

How to identify and acquire these skills so that you are also included in this privileged group and enhance your career within the organisation.

These are  traits and skills which the successful professionals have and which gives them advantage over others. -  acquire the following skills and traits.

Be a problem solver
Be a responsible, trusted and reliable employee.
Be a team player
Be adaptable
Be an effective communicator.
Be an effective decision maker
Be an effective organizer.
Be flexible.

Be adaptable.
Be humble. Not arrogant
Be optimistic
Be self motivated
Develop effective listening skills
Develop leadership qualities
Have a task and goal focus
Understand, equip and perform on your job.

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Swaminathan Sankaran is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Soft Skills and Corporate Trainer, HRD Consultant and Director Asktenali Technologies Private Limited .

He has held several senior management, positions in the Information Technology Industry.

Thousands have benefited through his seminars, workshops and lectures on Effective Leadership, Soft Skills, Motivation, Sales and Customer Service Orientation, Human Resources Development, Personality Development and related topics conducted for Senior Management Professionals, Executives, Faculties and Students of educational institutions.

Swaminathan's workshop topics and training courses are creative, innovative, and inspirational and focus on shifting perspectives on leadership.

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