Thursday, 9 August 2018

Good Negotiation Skills – Conflict Management

Tips to Resolve Conflicts

Good Negotiation Skills – Conflict Management

Conflicts do happen at the work place or while dealing with customers. Some are able to handle the conflict better than others. Successful professionals are able to solve and resolve conflicts. 

Never ignore conflicts. Some of the greatest fires are caused by a small spark or fire. Remember a Win – Win approach is the best approach for conflict resolution.

Few tips on handling conflicts

Look out for signals
Communicate effectively

Be positive
Listen effectively
Understand the issue

Ask for advice

Summarize the problem
Set the rule for acceptable behaviour

Never assume
Be creative
Search for ideas

Remain calm, no matter what
Start a friendly conversation
Stay calm & observe

Use empathy or EQ
Be responsive
Consider conflict as opportunity

Admit when wrong
Work on solution - Be part of the solution
Have a strategy

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