Saturday, 8 September 2018

Emerging Career Opportunities

Here are a few exciting and emerging career opportunities.

Masters in Data Science Prerequisites

Data – Bits of Information

Data Science – Study of Data.

It involves creating algorithms and models to extract knowledge from data.

Data Analytics – Analysis of Data

Used for solving problems and decision making.

Big  Data – Deals with large amounts of Data.

Masters in Data Science 

Network Security and Cyber Security

Network security and cyber security is one of the important factors for development of stable and secure digital infrastructure.      

 New cyber security threats are emerging every day. Stealing   Information or money and  disruption of  services are the major cyber threats.            

Business network security and top cyber security threats are a major challenge for organizations.

Information security solutions are in great demand and so are cyber security professionals.

There is a high demand for Cyber security professionals. 

Cyber Security

Talent Management

Talent management refers to formulation and execution of strategies and sourcing human resources  for an organization.

Getting the right person with skills for the right job and retain, hire and develop talent are some of the important functions of talent management.
Talent Management

Cloud Processing
Cloud computing is growing fast and rapidly.  Some of the industries using cloud computing are Banking, Education and Research organizations, Governments, Healthcare, Insurance, Media, Manufacturing and Retail Services.

Cloud Processing

Nanotechnology involves imaging, measuring, modeling, and manipulating matter at this length scale and this involves nanoscale science, engineering  and technology.